Green Flow Ltd.
Advanced Water Tech.
Uri Bayez
Co-owner and Director, Green Flow Ltd.
25 years of successful business experience as in an array of fields:
  • Chairman, Madgal: faucets manufacturing, marketing and exporting
  • Business Administrator, Kibbutz Glil-Yam
  • Real Estate Coordinator, Kibbutz Glil-Yam
  • Chairman, Speedeshe, Glil-Yam, Gilgal
  • Sales and Marketing Director, Glil-Yam Concrete Works
Economics and Business Administration BA.
Nir Ofer
Co-owner and Director, Green Flow Ltd.
  • Extensive army commanding experience, with over 25 years of successful business experience locally and worldwide
  • Committee Chairman, Cooperative Kfar Azzar
  • Founder and Operator of outdoor event venues and a catering service
  • Founder and Operator of a Black Theater, Czech Republic

Green Flow Ltd was founded in 2008, with the purpose of developing, producing and marketing of water-designated products with significant added value, while upholding values of nature and environmental protection. The company operates in Israel, South America, Africa and Eastern Europe.
The company maintains cooperation with Luxembourg Industries Ltd, which has offices in the USA, Brazil, Serbia and Argentina; and with Balton CP Ltd which operates in Ghana.
Some of our products are manufactured in the Israel-Based plants of Luxembourg Industries Ltd., under special authorization obtained by Green Flow Ltd. from the Australian company, Aquatain Products Pty Ltd. the patent holders. The factories are situated in Arad and Ramat Hovav.
The company cooperates in Africa with Pearl International Ltd, which has offices in South Africa and Uganda.
Our products meet the rigid standards of health and environment authorities in many countries worldwide.
Our water-designated products are toxin-free and safe for humans, fish, fowls and wildlife in general.
The products are NSF approved (the FDA equivalent) to use even in drinking water!

The company is based in Kibbutz Glil-Yam, Israel and represented in activity centers of the company's associates worldwide.
Our flagship is the worldwide marketing of Aquatain AMF, an innovative award-winning environmentally-friendly product. The product is a liquid that rapidly spreads in water, forming a mono-molecular transparent film, which interrupts mosquitoes' life cycle, thus preventing them from multiplying.

Doing Well By Doing Good
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